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Getting your Website working

Getting your Website working

Posted on October 14, 2013   by Bob Harper
I listened to Nina Michell (Marketing Manager Xero UK) interviewing Gary Turner (the MD of Xero UK) about Rethinking Business Websites.

The interview was aimed at accountants but the advice is just as applicable to businesses. The key points I took from the interview were:
  • Think of your Website as more than a brochure that looks nice
  • Get the Website working before investing in Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
  • Use Landing Pages and tracking software to measure the effectiveness of the Website
  • Invest more than a few hundred pounds a year
It was a good interview but I felt it skipped over the fundamentals of getting a Website working. The discussion centered on tactics, rather than strategy.

To really get a Website working you need a compellingly attractive and distinctly different offering. To develop this you need to think carefully about your proposition and positioning strategy. You need to be obviously better and different because a) there is so much competition and b) the Internet allows people to easily compare. For example, in the accounting sector over 10,000 firms have started up in the last three years alone.

My take is that Xero’s Website is not working well because of design or content, even though it looks good. What’s driving traffic and conversions is the thinking behind Xero and millions they have invested in their product.

The one thing every business needs to do is differentiate and this can be done using the concept of positioning. This was outlined in a ground breaking book “Positioning the battle for your mind” written by Al Reis and Jack Trout.

Creating a positioning strategy is fundamentally about choosing a word to focus on. Volvo did it with “Safety” and you can see the innovation they have done.

Xero are not just offering “online” accounting software because that would put them in direct competition with all the other online accounting providers. No, Xero are promoting “beautiful” accounting software, a bit like Apple with their products but affordable. Online is just a feature with benefits.

Have a look at everything Xero do; the interface, features like bank feeds and their video explainer. It’s all being beautiful and this differentiates Xero from  all the other online software companies.

Positioning does not need to cost you any money, at the end of the day it is just a word. But, executing it can cost many thousands or millions. This is because positioning penetrates into the product/service, like Xero and Volvo.

Most accountants can’t afford this investment, or won’t commit to it, especially sole-practitioners. This is why at Crunchers we believe joining forces with like-minded accountants is the way to go.

Get behind a brand you feel comfortable with and work together to create and continually develop the product and collateral you need to win the clients you want.

The Crunchers Positioning strategy is built around the word “alternative”; we are everything traditional accountants aren’t. Have a look at our explainer video and you will see the power of positioning.

If you want to be been seen as different to a traditional accountant and want to help businesses grow, improve profits and boost cash flow then perhaps Crunchers is the brand for you to get behind.

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